Do you find yourself struggling to deliver engaging content? Or are you finding it next to impossible to manage your back-end blogging and marketing tasks while also tending to your other business-related tasks? I understand how overwhelmed you must feel. The good news is I can help!

Hi there! I’m Koley — a personal finance freelance writer and blogging virtual assistant.

I can help take the pressure off. You can finally focus where you perform best and I can work my magic to help your business flourish. With me, you can make better use of your time and money while reducing overwhelm.

Writing, Blog Management & Marketing Are Kind of My Thing

Since starting my freelance journey, I have been introduced to many well-respected people in the industry, including Elna Cain and Jordan Roper who have mentored me through my freelance journey. I began as a travel writer turned digital marketing expert. Now, I’m pleased to be changing my niche again to personal finance. As a topic I’ve been so passionate about for myself, it’s no wonder it has now become a niche I am confident in representing.

Through freelancing, I was introduced to and mentored in blogging. I learned all of the ins and outs. I invested in Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Soukup to ensure I learned it all from a pro. Now, I am so confident in my blog management skills that I’m excited to offer my services to bloggers in any niche.

As I grew my freelance and blogging knowledge, marketing came with the territory. I have soaked everything up and feel I would be a huge asset to anyone in need of marketing help. In 2017, I wrote my own ebook on Pinterest Marketing. I am well-versed in digital marketing and am excited to help others gro their business through my marketing skills. 


Satisfied Clients Make My Heart Smile

I am only happy when my clients are happy. I will go above and beyond to ensure my clients are happy with my work. If my clients aren’t happy, neither am I. 

I enjoy clients who are clear about what they expect of me. I 10x their expectations and over-deliver to show them that I not only value my work, but I also value them as a client.

If you like what you’ve read and you’re ready to discuss partnering up to skyrocket your business, contact me today and reserve your spot!